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We are a Christ-based ministry creating opportunities to impact African lives gripped by poverty, disease and hopelessness by supporting economic development through micro loans and establishing medical clinics while providing spiritual training and education by supporting the work of Rev. Charles Kaloki, Senior Pastor of Eternity Gospel Church and Ministries in Karen, Kenya.

Pat Petronio


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September 7, 2015

Dear Friends & Partners,

The world has gone crazy and we feel powerless.  There’s nothing that we can do, right?  All the horror going on in the world is beyond our ability to change, right?  As just one person, there’s nothing to be done, right? 

Well that’s what we say when there don’t seem to be solutions that we can rally around.  After all, the world’s military can’t seem to eliminate the threat.  Regime changes don’t seem to matter.  Corruption is all around.  Everything is out-of-control.  Lawlessness and ruthlessness abound.  Death and destruction overwhelm our minds.

Can anyone help?  The answer is yes.  We have a God who equips us with His compassion and zeal for the helpless, the marginalized, the disempowered.  We can open our hearts to the cries of others around the world through prayer and financial support.  Those prayers and monetary gifts (even small seemingly insignificant amounts) can pierce the darkness with pinpoints of light.

Let’s talk about one place – Kenya.  In 2013 we saw the attack at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi where 68 people died.  This month right before Easter, on April 2, 148 were gunned down at Garissa University in the northeastern part of Kenya, close to the Somali border.  We saw the weeping and desperation of those who lost family and friends – the utter despair and helplessness as the hopes and dreams of parents for their children was destroyed.  It is hard to come to grips with that kind of horror.  It is hard to understand the inability of governments to protect its people and retaliate effectively. 

In the aftermath of the grief and sorrow, there is anger, mistrust of the police, the military and the intelligence services.  In the communities surrounding the University, there are young people who are marginalized, frustrated, unemployed, and fearful.  Those are the ones being targeted as recruits for al-Shabab (a name that means “the youth”), a Somali organization allied with al-Qaeda.  They are like ISIS – ferocious and extreme.  They offer hope and purpose!  What can counter their claims?

The love of Jesus Christ is the only thing.  His gospel.  His words.  His redemption.  His forgiveness.  How will they find out about Him?  Who will offer them an eternal purpose where life and not death is valued?  Who will risk their lives for these souls? 

Eternity Gospel Church & Ministries and Bishop Charles & Pastor Miriam Kaloki in Karen, Kenya have been training evangelists and pastors at the Eternity Missions Bible College (an affiliate of the International College of Bible Theology) since 2004.  Those graduates have planted churches and entered the front lines of evangelism in Kenya and many other African countries.  There have been over 240 graduates who have come from Kenya and 8 other African countries.  Many traveled on top of trucks and even walked just for the opportunity to study God’s word in order to be ready to serve the Lord.  Some have bathed and washed their clothes in toilets just for the privilege of being at the Bible College.  They eat a diet of beans and rice and whatever vegetables they can grow themselves.  They are preparing themselves to preach the gospel and share their lives for the sake of the kingdom of God.  Some are ready to literally pay with their lives to further the gospel. 

There is one student right now who feels called to that northeastern region of Kenya close to the border of Somalia where al-Shabab has been recruiting young Kenyans and Somalians who are living in Kenya.  There is also a pastor in that same area with whom Bishop Kaloki is working and Eternity Gospel Church & Ministries also has a church under its umbrella in the coastal area of the Mombasa region which is also an area where al-Shabab is recruiting.   We can begin praying for that student and pastor right now.  We can begin supporting them as well.  It takes resources to touch the lives of those in need – the hurting, lonely, lost souls who are desperate for physical and spiritual food.  To create a community.  To present a life of redemption that would cause those souls to convert to Jesus Christ. 

That’s how we can make our lives meaningful, and it allows us to participate in the work of the Lord.  That’s how we can feel less powerless because our Lord is all powerful and without limitations.  Through prayer we can be part of God’s work in the hearts and souls of men and women across the world.  We can be part of God’s miraculous impact on souls.  And through our financial support we can reach far beyond our borders and fears to impact the lives of others on another continent.  We become part of answered prayer.  And the suffering of others is eased because of our small part in the plan of God. 

Eternity Gospel Church & Ministries right now is planning to renovate and expand the buildings on the church property which houses the Sewing Center and the Bible College.  They have received $3500 from us to begin this project.  It involves strengthening the structure to put up a second floor that will be a dormitory for the Bible College students as well as adding classrooms on the first floor.  This will greatly reduce the cost of housing these student in the community.  But we need an additional $3000 to finish the work.  Whatever you can give to support the future pastors and evangelists of Africa would make a big difference.

Our small part matters.  It really matters.  It may feel insignificant in our reality, but across the world it matters significantly.  And when it’s multiplied many times over, wow!  A life can change.  That’s when the finite touches the eternal.

You can make a one time gift or a monthly commitment right here on our website.  

I thank our Lord for your participation in this work.  Be blessed and be at peace.

For Kenya & Africa,

Pat Petronio, Director